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The Leafman pages

Like sarcasm? Sorry, I can't provide it 'cuz my tongue is stuck in my cheek

It's just not easy being green
20 September
I am a writer in Las Vegas, Nevada who toils for the local metropolitan newspaper. When I am not out riding my bike, braving the somewhat perilous streets of Sin City, I like to hang out at coffee shops and read, I enjoy bugging my friends and conning them into buying me beers, and I thorougly enjoy Star Trek (yep, I'm one of those), various middlebrow films (even the classics and mushy chick flicks), and several different types of music, especially oldies. Oh, did I mention my car? It's a shiny, dark green 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7, and people compliment me on it all the time. You've got to check it out if you ever come blowing through Vegas. My beautiful Cougar was totalled when someone rear-ended me. I replaced it with a cool little Toyota, but I sure miss my prize antique.