Too busy

Ain't no time for nothin' -- swamped! Deadlines! Ahh! Ahh! Can't do e-mail, can't do Trek BBS and can't poke around in nobody's journal, not even my own. It's another one of those days, methinks. Me no slacker no mo'!!!

Back to work!

*logs out of internet*
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Time flies (let's see how fast Jeff Goldblum is)

No time for LJ slacking - no way. I gots to polish up my article about the art being painted on the columns and domes of the Hofbrau House duplicate being built here in town, then I've gotta do a phone interview with one of the feng shui people I met last week (without asking foot-in-mouth questions). Later, I cruise on out to Summerlin to check out a real estate office where feng shui determined the placement of objects.

Busy day. No time. Not even to pontificate about John Kerry's victory in Iowa. I'm fairly pleased about it, but that doesn't change the fact that Dennis Kucinich was once again ignored, snubbed and had his nose turned up at him by a bunch of ignoramus Iowa voters, selective journalists and cable networks. Heheheh, at least Howie's true colors are starting to become visible (I felt a little embarrassed for him and his supporters when I saw him shouting out the names of those states, one after another ).

Man, after Sunday's Kucinich meetup at Venecia's house, yesterday's volunteer work I did at the Democratic Party office, and last night's caucus coverage I watched for hours and hours, I'm really starting to get politically maxxed out. But I'm still aching to see what happens in New Hampshire.

In the meantime, it's back to work. For real.
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I'm a time steady man

Nope, no one will get the muscial reference of the title, but the fact is that I don't get why I came here on a Saturday to waste my time. I even rode my bike (since it's warmed up here in Vegas lately) -- for NOTHING!!!

My orignal intention was to use the scanner in the room next to this office. The graphic artist sits there, and he's off on weekends. I was going to scan in some images of DVD and VHS movies from my collection, ones that I'm going to sell on eBay (plus a couple of personal snapshots).

I've used the scanner so many times over the past three years -- it's just a simple matter of logging in under his name with his password. Well, he's changed his password, so now, I can't log on! *&$#@%

I doubt he would've changed his password because he was trying to deny me access. Still, it's a rather teeth-gritting revelation to find here on a Saturday.

Thanks for enduring this little spill of vitriol. We now continue with regularly-scheduled programming.
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Unleashed unleashings

Life goes on. The world keeps turning. The rich get richer. The shit hits the fan. And in the middle of it all, I spend another day at my desk ready to unleash all the productive energy locked away inside my weary old bones and nerdistic body cells.

Notice I said I was ready to do said unleashing. As far as the unleashing itself, you'd better check with the "unleashed unleashings" dept.

Today? Don't ask. Let's talk about last night instead. Yep, Wendy, Cindy, Mike and Ian all showed up with their "fashionably late" suits on, but that gave me additional time to prepare their repasts! I stuffed them full of my steak chili, as well as heaping helpings of bachelor salad, insta-quick garlic bread, along with the potato salad and the brie/camabert cheeses that Wendy brought. Ian told me it was the best chili he's "ever" had, and instead of saying, "Wouldn't I just be the best top chef that any white trash restaruant ever had?", I simply told him "grazia" (that's yiddish for "you're an easy dude to please").

After the meal came the Orange Core Breach. Man, does it take brains to pour a bunch of different alcohols together or what? That is not a rhetorical question, folks. The answer is an unwavering, unshakable YES. Y'see, I f**ked up the Orange Core Breach, to an extent. My great improvisation of dropping this slightly-melted frozen blob of concentrated orange juice (to provide a flavored ice cube) backsplashed on me -- the mixture was too syrupy sweet, in addition to being STRONG enough to induce an alcohol puke in W.C. Fields. Yes, I spiked it that much.

However, with some additional watering down and a bit of further tinkering, everyone managed to choke it all down, and each of us ended up with a wholesome, soothing buzz -- about the same feeling you get after you get kicked in the head by a 2,000-pound buffalo.

My, my, I can hardly wait for this weekend. I know I'm going to be turning cartwheels, backflips and double sommersaults in anticipation of my first volunteer stint at the Democratic Party office. Maybe when they see what kind of skills I've got, they'll put my in charge of something tailored to my strengths, like cleaning the scum off the men's room walls, or sandblasting the fingerprints off the George McGovern Watergate files containing the two missing tapes.

Only 10 more minutes until I unleash (there's that word again) myself upon an rather unwary Las Vegas world. I don't know what I'm going to do tonight, honestly. I expect I shall try to catch up on what's happening with that politcal big-wig gig out in Iowa, I suppose. Kucinich had better come away with at least 50 percent of the delegates.

Maybe I can write to someone who can endorse Dennis, and someone who's got some real political clout. Let's see, how about Britney Spears? Everyone wants to read what she has to say, y'know. Or maybe Scott Peterson. He could do a commercial saying something like, "Dennis is a great candidate, even if he isn't married. Speaking as a newly unmarried man myself, I can tell you Dennis is the best guy to lead America to its salvation."

*yawn* Are you still awake? After reading all that babbling? In that case, ya' got one up on me. But anyway, good night, and have a unleashingly-unleashed tomorrow.
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OK, sometimes I do the 'chain letter' thing...

I saw this in red_apples' journal, and lo and behold, I actually took the time to fill it out. I think it's kinda cool, and if you decide you really want to participate, I shall honor the terms stipulated...

Fill this one out about YOU and leave it as a comment. It's short and fun, and I get to learn more about YOU. Then you can post it in your journal and I will reciprocate.

City/State/Province you're from:
Reason for lj username:
Aim sn:
Reason for aim sn:
Do you enjoy reading my lj:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:
Will you post this in your lj:


Oh, and while I'm at it, everyone extend a hearty welcome to sir_brettley. He's a really funny guy who lives on "Christmas Island" and hopefully, my liberal rants won't scare him away.
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Compulsive sloth

There are two good reasons why I'm here at work today. The first is, well, I need to get paid. The second is,*ahem*, the second is...hmmm. I think I'll get back to you on that in a moment.

Actually, yesterday was one of the most productive gigs I've had here in a while. Busy, baby. I was doing phone interviews, making phone calls and belching out story ideas for our future issues. Just when you were ready to dub me "King F**koff" too, I'll bet.

That's the main reason I could not afford the time to play in the fertile zones of cyberspace, nor post any of my patently insulting, condescending rermarks in your journals. But I'll be sure and compensate with double condescendsion today. Promise. Right this moment, I'm alone in the office while my colleagues are out looking at a "show home" or whatever.

Has anyone heard of feng shui? I talked to a local feng shui master here in town yesterday in lieu of a story I'll be doing on the subject. But I'd never heard of it before the idea was introduced to me by my editor a couple of weeks ago. The idea that our energy can be controlled (or "balanced" or whatever) by the placement of objects in the room is ... fascinating (hope there was no sarcastic bite in that sentence).

Some things never change. Brandon takes it upon himself to call me right when he gets off work, asking if we can watch the new Enterprise ep together. I say "Sure, sure -- great, great!" And he comes over, we watch the ep, and he's konked out on my sofa not even an hour after the show's over. Brandon may be my best (or second-best) buddy, but if he challenged me to a stay awake contest, he'd have his ass kicked all the way out the door and halfway 'round the block. Heheheh. Oh well, at least the episode, titled "Chosen Realm" was surprisingly good. Enterprise is starting to become sorta tolerable, if not enjoyable. Too bad no one's watching. Heehee.

Guess what, auriocookie? During one of my moments of compulsive sloth here at the office this morning, I called NBC in New York, and they told me that Miss Match is actually "on hiatus" right now; they haven't decided when/if they're going to bring it back. So there is hope! Let's all write letters to NBC and get 1,627 of our friends to do the same. Sound good?

*sigh* Only seven-and-a-half-hours to go in this mausoleum before Mike, Wendy, Ian and Cindy come for the little shindig at my place. In addition to the chili and other goodies I'm going to have ready, I'm preparing an "Orange Core Breach." If that concoction (which will have all five of us sucking on straws from the same punch bowl) doesn't throw a jolt into the preoceedings, nothing will (it contains six different flavors, y'see, including Bacardi 151, Orange Vodka, and ... you get the picture).

*yawn* Back to ... uh, back to work!
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What? Me worry?

It is beyond my ability to comprehend why I am not preparing resumé packages on a daily basis. I piss and moan with nauseating drippiness about how I'm just not into my job anymore, I check the journalism job listings on a daily basis, and I see openings -- in the past week, one in Mesa, Ariz., another in Georgia and another in Iowa -- yet, I don't pursue them. Perhaps -- about 57 days from now, when I am unemployed and face-down in the gutter, smelling like Pabst Blue Ribbon urine sweat and taking a swig from a can of paint thinner -- I will regret my inaction.

Anyway, moving on from the guilt.............tonight I'm going to whip out my credit card and load up on all the necessary grocery goodies with which I can whip out a sizable batch of my homemade chili. Mike, Wendy, Ian and Cindy are all coming over to chow down Thursday night, so I'd better set a handsome table, and I'd better begin my tortoise-paced advance preparations.

It's amazing that a culinary ignoramus such as meself can put together such delectable chili -- the spices have to come from a package of Caroll Shelby's, of course, while I throw in several pounds of New York Steak cubes. So, I guess, it's (more or less) homemade, with only one cheap shortcut (or two).

I'm also in the middle of watching my Forty Licks DVD set. Brandon, whose generosity can sometimes knock me over with a floating pingpong ball, gave me (as a belated Christmas present) the four-DVD package containing documentaries, concert footage and juicy stuff about the Rolling Stones. I entertained myself with it during the midnight hours when sleep eluded me. Great stuff!!!! I've forgotten how much I love the Stones, and seeing how decrepitly wrinkled all of them look in those DVDs actually makes me feel young. Still, prune-faced or not, the Stones are -- without a doubt -- the greatest rock and roll band in the whole wide f*&king world, baby.

And yes, auriocookie, we must play taps for Miss Match. The show, she is gone. *sob* I actually find a show I like, and NBC yanks it out from under me like a fuzzy-warm bearskin rug. I would've actually preferred that UPN cancel Enterprise and replace it with the Alicia Silverstone chick series; even the worst ep of Miss Match runs circles and figure eights around the least excruciating edition of Enterprise. Wahhhh! Wahhh! Wahhhh!

Anyway, I'm off. I must find a non-(farked)-up way to get from here to Von's at Lake Mead and Buffalo since it looks like U.S. Highway 95 is plenty (farked) up these days.

So, good night and have a farkin' tomorrow.
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Any enemy of Bush's is a friend of mine ;)

Back in the long-bygone days when baseball was one of my fanatical passions, I recall a Major League outfielder named Paul O'Neill. He played for the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees during the '80s and early '90s, as I recall.

He was OK, I guess, but I think I like the new Paul O'Neill much, much better. Heehee.
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Serving my King and Country

I can't believe I just called the local office for the Democratic party, and ended up registering to be a volunteer for this Sunday. I mean, it's all well and good to serve my political ideals, but hey, my weekends are primarily reserved for my absolutely useless activities. Rats, I hope I don't end up regretting this decision.

Oh well. Maybe I'll get a free bumper sticker or something, and I can sell it on eBay for $99.99.

Anyway, I'm outta here. Monday is my early day, y'know. Good night and have a donkey-suitted tomorrow.
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